Facing the Truth

It has been quite a long while since I released anything into the world of magic and mentalism. I mean, sure, I’ve offered some very limited sets of lecture notes for the one or two appearances I do each year, but I haven’t actually put anything ‘out there’ for quite some time. The reason is, well, I just wasn’t sure if I had anything relevant to say. To be honest, I’m still not sure if I do or not, but it’s time for folks other than me to decide. (To be brutally honest, I’m also testing the waters for two larger projects possibly slated for the coming months.)

With all that said, here is ‘Facing the Truth’. An eclectic soufflé of performance pieces, ideas, rants, opinions, pontifications, poems, and random photographs…drizzled with an enticing cocktail of honesty & heartfelt passion. Or, to be a bit more specific, four performance pieces, one rather juvenile card trick, a few essays, a couple of loving tributes to two legends, quite a bit of enthusiasm, and some juicy curse words (just to keep things real).

Really? A soufflé?

Why a soufflé? That’s simple. Just like all opinions, ideas, and viewpoints, my thoughts are delicate and fragile. Most importantly, they can so easily come crashing down. But don’t be smug…because so can yours. As I see it, we all must learn that we can be delicious and delectable, but each one of us is also full of hot air. In other words, we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. Instead, we should focus on helping others, building bridges instead of walls, and following our passions.

And, yes, that’s one of the stranger promos you will ever read for a magic/mentalism book. Then again, that’s how I do things. If you’re enticed, I hope you grab a copy of ‘Facing the Truth’. And, more importantly, I hope you like it.

Rick Maue


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