Deceptions Unlimited's very first ebook.. The Road


The Road...a single volume consisting of MV2006 and RAW, the two most sought after sets of lecture notes that we have ever released. Until today, these two manuscripts have only been available at our lectures...but now you can get both of them delivered to you electronically in one convenient volume. And unlike many performers, what you will find in The Road is not “B” material, because these notes contain pieces from Rick's actual show, and they have been performed all across the United States . They have certainly seen The Road. Routines include...  

GROUP DYNAMIC: A chair routine that really lives up to the tradition of “packs flat, plays big”. Although designed (and used for) his stage show, Rick has also used this piece in living rooms for many years. Extremely strong and very versatile.

LEFTOVER STORIES TO TELL: A piece that has fooled some of the best minds in magic and mentalism. A powerful demonstration that proves that you can actually control the physical movements of others. Very different from most standard mentalism.

HEADS & TALES: Rick's actual opener...and out of all of his creations, his absolute favorite. Enough said.

SUBCONSCIOUS POKER: A great impromptu demonstration that proves that you can read a poker player's tell. Rick uses this regularly when speaking with audience members after a show...which means it is good enough to follow his entire stage act.

COLLECT CALL: Imagine having any member of the audience call any person that they know anywhere in the world...and then you prove that you can completely control the thoughts and decisions of that person on the other end of the phone. And the person will be on speakerphone the entire time, so audience hears everything, which means there is no need for any type of verbal manipulation. Collect Call has blown away theater audiences and lecture crowds alike.

Plus four more great routines...88 pages...and we are talking full pages, not that Docc Hillford half-page crap! (Love ya Docc)  

As is the case with all of Rick Maue's routines, there is absolutely no difficult sleight-of-hand to master. As Rick always says, these routines are great examples of VdM Magic, which means, from a technical standpoint, the Venus de Milo could do them.

And, there are no expensive props required for any of these can get everything you need at any office supply store.

At lectures, MV2006 and RAW have sold for $20 apiece...but now, with The Road, you can own both sets in one single ebook for only $22.  


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