“Rick is, without question, one of the best lecturers I have ever seen and I'm proud to call him a great friend.” Simon Lovell

"Rick’s lecture absolutely blew me away. The material was strong, the theory was solid, and it is obvious from the first minute of the lecture that Rick CARES about his craft. I can't wait to see it again." …Joshua Jay

"Why is it that when I see you lecture, I feel like I am watching a mad scientist at work?" …Marc DeSouza

"Man, Rick is great. I love him." … Penn Jillette

Rick Maue is not a magician, or a mentalist, or "bizarre" magician. Instead, his focus is on creating, adapting, and performing strong art for audiences in the real world via magic and mentalism. That is probably why Rick has received praise from not only those mentioned above, but also from a wide range of outstanding performers and creators such as, Paul Gertner, Patrick Redford, Kostya Kimlat, Jon Stetson, Doc Eason, Bob Sheets, Docc Hilford, Bob Kohler, Francis Menotti, Paul Vigil, Banachek, Alain Nu, Eugene Burger, Barrie Richardson, Max Maven, Johnny Thompson, and many others. Also consider these comments from a review by Eric Mead in Genii Magazine…

"Rick Maue is undeniably clever. He has a good head for the kind of material that is easy, direct, and deceptive. He also writes terrific scripts. His presentations take skill-free procedural effects that so often become tedious puzzles and transforms them into strong theatrical pieces that are about larger ideas and connect with people’s lives. Maue clearly has a lot to say, and if commercial mentalism and psychological magic appeal to you, much of what he has to say is worth listening to."

And then there are these thoughts from author and longtime editor of The Linking Ring, Phil Willmarth…"

Very few lecturers, and I have seen many, have the understanding of magic, mentalism, and how to entertain with them that Rick Maue has. He is not only an excellent teacher of what to do and what not to do, but his own performances in the lecture demonstrate his understanding. I not only urge you to catch his lecture, but I also urge him to keep lecturing, for what he is saying and doing is very important."

Rick Maue has been creating deception for over five decades. He is the founder of Deceptions Unlimited & the author and creator of The Book Of HauntedMagick; FATE; Imagine; The Final Picture; Mixed Emotions; PsiWave; The Journey; The Book Of Spirits Séance; and many other publications.

None of Rick’s effects require any expensive gimmicks or props. Or, to put it another way, he uses only everyday items. In fact, to make the point about no special gimmicks or props being needed to perform Rick’s creations, consider this: After seeing him work in Las Vegas, Michael Weber created Rick’s nickname when he began calling him "OfficeMax Maven".

In addition, to the lack of special gimmicks or props, all of Rick’s material is what he refers to as VdM Magic; which means all of it is so technically easy that the Venus de Milo could perform it. In other words, everything Rick creates is well within the technical reach of every person in attendance. However, as Rick always says, "All of my pieces are very easy to do; but like all worthwhile magic, none of the pieces are easy to perform. Or, in other words, the key is to always place the focus on performing, and never on merely doing tricks.

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