You now proceed into the depths of The Chamber. You come across numerous unusual items as you venture through the hallways, including several lifesize creatures that stand motionless in the corners. You hesitate as you approach each one, passing by them with the feeling that you are being watched.


As you continue along, you are gripping the silken cloth that contains your stone tablet. Unsure of what lies ahead, you proceed slowly through the flickering light. You can feel the anticipation building inside of you with every corner that you turn. The stillness plays on your mind as you wonder what the spirits have in mind for you.


Although not a single creature moves, you have no idea if they are real or not. So you try to remain focused as you continue along, waiting for further instructions from the lost souls. You know that at some point, you will be challenged by someone, or something, as you attempt to regain your soul.

Although it has only been a few short moments, it seems that the intense feeling may go on forever. Then, as you pass through the narrow passages, you come upon a door.

You knock upon it. Nothing happens, but still you wait. Suddenly, the lights around you go out and the door slowly begins to open. Inside, you see nothing but a shadowy figure...



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