The Prelude

As you enter The Chamber, you are met by a cloaked figure. He begins to speak:

"Greetings, my name is Krisznor. It is my duty to start you on your journey tonight through The Chamber. The first thing that I must tell you is to listen closely to all of those that you come upon. Each and every lost soul inside of these walls can help you, or hurt you.

You should also understand that you have reached a point where there is no turning back, for when you passed through that doorway, you surrendered your souls to us. They are now ours to keep if we so desire. It will be your job to try and win them back by pleasing the spirits.

But first, permit me to provide you with a bit of history so that you understand what you are about to experience.

For centuries, this area has been inhabited by an evil creature named Penntella. For many years, he lived on the very land where The Chamber now stands. Each night, after the hour of midnight, Penntella would roam the countryside looking for any living creature for his nightly pleasures. He would capture them and they would be tortured and eventually killed in his dungeon. One night, the townspeople banded together to end his reign of terror. They stormed his castle and took him prisoner. Penntella was tortured in his own dungeon and was left there to die along with the remains of his many victims. This land has been haunted since that fateful night. The legend says that the spirit of Penntella remains, seeking vengeance on all that dare to tread on his property.

You will not see him tonight, but he shall be watching you. He is waiting inside along with the lost souls of his many victims. They prey upon unsuspecting mortals such as yourselves. But you need not fear for your lives for they mean nothing to any of us. We want you for all eternity so you should fear for you souls.

At this time, I will ask for a representative from your group to point to one of the three stone tablets that you see hanging behind me."

You slowly lean forward and point to the second stone. Once again, Krisznor speaks:

"You have chosen the second one, and so you shall have it. But first I will wrap it in a silken cloth for you to carry it along to your next destination. The one that carries the stone shall now be the leader. You should be very careful because the tablet is very old and very fragile, just like many of the other items that we have here in The Chamber.

I wish for you to understand that although you had a choice of any of the three tablets, you should feel fortunate that you did not choose the first one. As you can see, upon it is written DEATH. We can only hope that your message is more positive.

Now it is time for you to go. But once again, listen closely to those that you come across. Only they have the power to release you."


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